My name is Hannah Johnsson, and I started GW2MVP when I was in my early 20s. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, graphic design has always been my fundamental interest and love. Now, a decade later and in my 30s with just as much time in fieldwork and practical experience, GW2MVP is my heart and soul manifested in a business form. With the help of 2 additional graphic designers, Erica Schmidt and Sara Schneider, with who I used to work for ETX Capital for the binaire opties department and online games company that produced well-known games like book of ra & book of deadOur small but well experienced team, make the vision happen, whether it be on paper, digital pixels or in person.

Graphics is more than just an execution of a program or digitizing of a drawing. Today’s visual representations evoke emotions and responses out of people. We take an image and associated it in a person’s mind with an amazing product or service. After that, their memory does the rest of the work once the link is made, and every time they see the image we’ve created for you after that connection it brings them back.

One of the key factors we built our graphic business on is collaboration. We can provide creative skill, but it is our clients who provide inspiration. We believe in being a conduit for what our clients are trying to evoke in their market or their stakeholders. By taking that idea and then creating a visual representation, we help bridge their idea to reality and tangible presence customers and stakeholders understand.

We also have an extensive approach to feedback looping. Too often graphic work tends to be thought of or treated as a one-off project, a singular event and contract. We don’t take that approach; our services are offered with the intent to build an ongoing relationship with our clients. We aren’t interested in just a momentary contract or project. We want to grow, thrive and experience success with our partners as it happens over time with growth and reaching new heights.

GW2MVP is not a simple gig outfit. We provide a professional approach and package for our client needs that is rooted in skill, the latest graphics technology, and an international perspective that is so critical in today’s global market. Remember, your market today may be local but tomorrow it may be halfway around the world. The Internet and its capability to reach means just about anywhere can be your next opportunity. So our graphics services are geared to be compatible with both local and global needs at the same time. This is where partnering with GW2MVP makes the difference; we can elevate your reach in just a moment.