Our clients

We can revel you all day long with what services and products GW2MVP can provide in terms of graphics work, but real-time examples always tell a much better story far better. In each of these cases we followed the same approach: start with the concept or idea desired by the client, developing it into a professional direction, taking the idea into a visualization reality and then providing the finished product/service. W2MVP has really worked with all types of clients. Whether it’s been advanced technical projects with corporations, enhanced interest generation for online casinos, educational content packaging for health websites, or fun event detailing for children, GW2MVP has done it. So, if you want a graphics design firm that can bring your image, external representation and visual presence online and in-person up another level, GW2MVP is the outfit that you want to have a conversation with. We have both the skillset, know-how and inside track magic that brings out the best in your ideas and direction. If you want to see more work from us, you can about it while you visit LiveCasinoHouse.

Cisk represented a bit of a challenge because it already had multiple product beverages in production and recognized. From a lager to a pilsner to ginger & lime, Cisk covered the gamut. As a result, our strategy for brand development via billboards was clearly around developing the Cisk image and name in general versus just a particular beer or drink. We worked extensively with the company in image development and background story to develop a history, timeline, image, and locational relationship with the name and product. The result was a billboard UK campaign that began to make Cisk a recognized brand in relation to great-tasting beverages and exotic locales. As we’ve noted before, brand development works best when an image becomes synonymous in a consumer’s mind with a solution to a need. And Cisk was clearly a beverage solution for feeling like getting away from it all.

An online casino serving customers in a lot of different countries, their function is online but the company needed a physical presence for a conference/convention representation. We provided a complete brand development for their in-person presence. Everything from posters to handouts to convention stand image to visual digital presentations was covered. And the entire portfolio was delivered in one complete package for Casumo casino.

The Warners campaign was a classic product marketing campaign for a clothing product series. However, given that the product involves undergarments for women, the audience and target viewers were specific and not a wide-open audience range. We designed a website approach that relied on simplicity as well as emphasizing the product as much as possible. Since the audience would clearly be the ones wearing the product, we wanted the viewers to feel like using the website gave them the same browsing experience as looking at similar undergarments in the store in person. The website we designed for Warners provided a clear portfolio of Warners’ bras as well as the right touch of content and reading for more information. The results in customer interest spoke for the success of the effort and website design.

Bethard casino recently launched in Spain, and we had the honer of designing their website. The website is userfriendly and easy to go through. For más informacion please go vistit their website and have a look for yourself!

Also an online casino, MrGreen needed a complete overhaul. However, their website graphical representation needed an upgrade as well. It needed to be fun, upbeat, and inviting to new customers and consumers. The site also needed to come across as easy to use as well as informative for anyone arriving for the first time and wanting information just out of curiosity. We designed MrGreen.com with all of these concepts in mind when combine and developing the full package. The website design worked out so well, we use it as a regular example for all types of online gambling image development work today.

As a well-known baby-carrying harness, BabyBjorn is well known for its quality construction, product performance, and the social closeness it provides a parent with a new baby. The harness is a key product allow both mothers and fathers a social bonding with a child given how the harness is designed and holds a child. Because BabyBjorn’s harness is so well established as a product, our job for graphics development was to take the product image and idea farther in consumers’ mind than to create an initial introduction. We develop a 7-magazine issue campaign in terms of graphic marketing for BabyBjorn. The resulting campaign contributed and added to the company’s brand development through Parent Magazine, a well-known print partner for reaching newborn parent consumers.