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Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2020
Just like any industry, web design trends change constantly. While some may last around for a few years, many others seem to fizzle down way too fast. Those that do leave behind some considerable mark are likely to stay longer or will likely evolve into even better versions of their initial look and purpose.

Still, with 2020 fast approaching, everybody is looking forward to what the new year brings. Many of the trends that made an impression this year are still likely to maintain their steam in 2020. But below are some of the trends that are likely going to come to the forefront next year.

Minimalist designs
There is always sophistication in simplicity and it seems that the web design industry may be in for a collective nod for this particular principle next year. Everybody seems to be wanting to go back to basics where the emphasis is placed on more minimalist and simpler looks. Expect more white spaces to be featured in many a website. Stripped back looks like this means that most designers are trying their best to make sure that there will be no distracting elements on the pages and that limited color palettes will be implemented.

This is inevitable as, over the years, more and more people are searching and querying the web through their phones. Unlike before where web designs are focused first and foremost for desktop users, today, the trend is to design with the needs of mobile users in mind— just making the necessary adjustments for desktop users afterwards.

Animations and dynamic illustrations
While videos were a big deal two years ago, its overall success has been significantly hampered by the effect that it generally contributed to a page’s load time. Remember, people aren’t going to stick around for sites that take ages to load. Motion graphics, dynamic illustrations, and GIFs are taking video’s place instead. The best thing about them is that they will not slow your load time at all. Execute them right and they can add personality and spunk to your brand.

Asymmetric layouts
A trend that has been steadily growing this year, web design experts believe that there will be more of this trend in 2020. With asymmetrical layouts, websites are designed to look less straight-edged and less blocky. Asymmetry is supposed to make websites look more interesting. Whether you are going for a slightly asymmetrical look or a truly glaring one, the key is to keep a proper balance of how all the website elements are presented.

Bold and loud typography
Deploying bold and big custom fonts is expected to be a trend next year. Web designers expect 2020 to be a year where bold statements will be made so websites can effectively stand out and get noticed. Of course, websites will still have to make sure about how well these loud and bold fonts are going to translate especially with the mobile-first policy in mind. While these fonts may translate really well on desktop screens, if they are going to compromise the mobile experience of your users, then you’ve already lost the battle. Remember— mobile-first and user focus matter.

No matter the trend, the most important element for every website design is always the user. Expect this to be even more pronounced next year. Trends are only as good as the kind of experience they provide to the users. Make this your focus before implementing a new idea for your web design.